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Link Modular Bookcase

Modular shelving systemWhat is Link?

Link is a modular system highly customizable and designed to create practically custom made modular bookcases, characterized by a minimal look and extremely convenient features. Inspired to designer Nils Strinning creations. Link is a shelving system, a bookcase, a hallway furniture, a wall system, ideal for the office, home office, bedrooms and living rooms: an essential line, practical and versatile accessories make it possible to use it in every room of the house, in a balcony, an office, in a store or a professional studio.

Modular shelving systemHow is it made?

The structure of this modern modular bookcase is made of white glossy painted or chromed metallic wire, which can be equipped with shelves, storage cabinets with wooden drop down doors or sliding glass ones, desks, magazine racks, drawers and also a single foldaway bed.
Shelves are made of melamine coated wood in the following finishes: streaked white, Canaletto walnut, light elm and dark elm.
Drawers are made of matt lacquered mdf available in several colours for the living, working, night area and for kids bedroom sets.

Modular shelving systemHow to use it?

Link modular bookcase can be placed on the floor, wall mounted, it can be used as a partition in the middle of the room or fixed to the ceiling. Its modular feature guarantees a completely free development, perfect for walls and spaces in every size and configuration (sloping ceilings, attics, cellars, wall recesses ...). It can be expanded in width, height and all directions and you can move or add elements at any time. According to the use and the needs you can simply select, among all the available equipment and accessories the ones suitable for you.


Design your Link bookcase

Click on the button, download the grid and start drawing your Link bookcase. Find out all the available modules in Link Free product card.


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  • Link Free

    Link Free is a metal modular bookcase with wooden shelves available in different finishes. It allows to compose wall bookcase or partitions with storage units, desks, drawers and magazine racks.
  • Link Living

    Link Living is a wall modular bookcase which can be used as a partition; it can feature storage units, drawers, desk and table. Structure also available floor standing or fastened to the ceiling.
  • Link Partition

    Link is a double-sided partition bookcase with built-in peninsula table. Available also without table, in endless custom compositions. Ideal to circumscribe, divide and furnish the living or home office area.
  • Link Night

    Link Night is a bookcase for kids bedrooms with built-in desk, storage units and drawers. Highly customizable it is composed of metal columns which can be equipped with shelves and other accessories.
  • Link Office

    Link Office is a modern metal shelf unit for offices, professional studios, stores and stands. High modularity, floor standing, wall or ceiling mounted; it includes shelves, columns, desks and accessories.
  • Link Hallway

    Link is a modular bookcase for the hallway composed of two elements: a free standing cabinet with compartments and drawers and a wall mounted modular bookcase you can set up as you wish.
  • Link PC

    Link PC is a wall computer desk with shelf for books, CDs or DVDs; perfect to use at best small walls. It can be equipped with extra shelves, coat hangers, drawers.
  • Mini Link

    Mini Link is a shelving system in metallic wire with shelves in coated wood both hygienic and practical materials. The set is available with 3 or 4 shelves, perfect for the bathroom, kitchen or balcony.

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