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Why Choose Maconi Hallway Furniture and Home Accessories


Modern apartments with increasingly smaller rooms require a great deal of flexibility, and are therefore at the top of our research agenda when designing furnishing solutions. Our development efforts focus on creating modular systems based on multipurpose pieces of furniture: the aim is to offer our customers the freedom to plan a multifunctional house where any space is thoroughly and cleverly organized.

Due to the decrease in size of apartments, a huge amount of manufacturers have turned from the production of hallway furniture. As for us, we believe the entryway still plays an important role: through this passage we leave, but also come back home. Its function is of farewell and welcome and it is all together practical and essential: a place where to hang outdoor clothing, empty pockets, leave shoes behind, drop bags, cell phones and objects, and finally feel at home.


Hallway FurnitureHallway Furniture

Maconi wants to redesign those pieces of furniture which have been part of the most familiar interior design: pieces that have adorned our family houses for decades.
Hallway storage solutions are often understimated but represents in fact a smart way to make the most from your entryway. Modern apartments do not always have a separated hallway, which makes storage spaces all the more necessary to efficiently store yours' and your guests' clothing, shoes, objects and accessories.

The characteristics of the contemporary house are aknowledged and addressed through customizable, made to measure, modular, smart furniture.

In this wide collection you will find hallway cabinets, hall wardrobes and coat hangers, shoe storage cupboards, mirrors and a choice of space saving accessories.

Space-saving furnitureSpace-Saving Furniture

"Space-saving furniture that leave it to your imagination": for entryways or living rooms, for bedrooms and kids bedrooms, for cleverly organized interiors.

Space saving storage solutions by Maconi meet any space needs. "iSalvaspazio" collection is born from the desire of satisfying the most demanding customers, which are also those who have to deal with the most problematic spaces or simply want a well-organized house. Our handy furniture aim to serve these customers, offering them intelligent solutions together with the possibility to customize any piece according to their style.

Aim of our space-saving furniture is not to let anyone to miss the chance of realizing the full potential of any space. In this collection you will find shoe cabinets, console tables, folding dining tables and desks, multipurpose storage solutions.

Home accessoriesHome Accessories

Maconi home accessories collection includes coffee tables, shelves and other objects: side and coffee tables features storage or drawers, glass or wooden top and are available in many sizes and shapes; shelves and bookcases are designed to be used in many ways to suit living rooms, as well as bedrooms and bathrooms; lastly, handy key boxes and useful items.

Their clean design leave it to you to decide how to customize them and how to use them in order to achieve the best organization possibile for your house.

We shall not forget the little ones. It is thinking of decorating their spaces and making them functional that we created a fun colourful collection: “Piccole Magie Colorate” (meaning "Tiny Colourful Magics") decorate and furnish with a merry touch, allowing your children to use them in safety and comfort.



Furniture manufacturing is carried out in Italy at our headquarters in Carate Brianza.
Materials are carefully selected and tested. By choosing Maconi you also choose high quality furniture, high-standard products that only Made in Italy can offer.